$13 Goes A Long Way

The other day while I was at Salvation Army I found a sewing machine. It had an as-is sticker on it but it was under 13 dollars. my mom and I tried it out in the outlets provided and it looks like it would work. So we gave it a shot and brought it home. Once I got home with a new foot and some to read it worked perfectly! I have a lot to learn but I'm looking forward to trying it out with a book that my mom got me on simple quilting projects. Wish me luck!

That's One HUGE Egg

Last week our black chicken was a little slow to lay her egg. When she did lay her eggs we knew exactly why it had taking her so long.

 It was huge!

Hmm.. The End Of Blogging?

Last month we were up for upgrades on our phones and I took the plunge and got an Android phone. You probably noticed the awful resolution on the last two posts and also that they only contained one photo. That would be me trying to blog via my phone. 

I would love to continue blogging. It is like a journal to me, an outlet. 


It costs more to have internet at home and my phone than I can afford. Since my internet is slower, my printer is always on the fritz, and my phone does almost everything my computer does (and some of it better/faster) the internet is the one that has to go. 

I do want to keep blogging and I will keep looking for and app that does a better job so hopefully this is not goodbye but give me some time to figure things out and hopefully I'll be back soon! 


My NEW Ironing Board

A few days ago I went to Joanns and picked up some of the ironing board material. I brought it home, cut it to size, and glued it on to the counter on the right hand side. Now, for a few dollars, my craft cabinet has its own ironing board so I can cut fabric an iron it right on the spot !