Minimalist Shminimalist

I have recently had the perfect opportunity to practice minimalism in all its glory.  If you don't already know we put our house up for sale earlier this year. It was under contract once, fell through, and now it's under contract again.  All in all, we had about 10 showings.  We packed away ALL the extra crap I thought I could live without.  I pared down my wardrobe even more. I packed stuff we hardly use, stuff I thought was just extra. Lots of furniture went to make the house look bigger. YAY! Right? I mean this is THE goal. You know,  the one where if you could just ______ then all the stars would align and a heavenly chorus would come from the heavens.
No. Not yay. Turns out I like my crap.  Like a lot.  I like my toaster. And my printer.  And my glitter. I like my yarn. And the string. I like the itchy but flattering shirt. I want the fabric I bought years ago. And I like having enough pencils to bury myself in. The garden stuff that makes an appearance every other year is loved.  I even like the kid's toys. ALL OF IT.
Maybe there are some people that don't ever use the things they buy. I do. I don't care if it doesn't all have a home.  I use it and I want it there when I want to use it even if I'm  not going to use it every second of every day. It's the most frustrating thing ever to not have what you need when you need it.
So to all my cluttery crap that I thought I could do without,  I love you and I promise to spring you from those big meany face boxes ASAP! I will never pack you away again!