I'm So Ready for Spring!

Unfortunately it's still snowing here. Of course, we live in Alaska and having snow this time of year is just the way it goes. That's not stopping me from being ready for when it finally does all melt!

We bought a 10x20 foot steel frame off of Craigslist for just $20 and Joel got construction plastic from an addition at his work. All that together means I get to have a greenhouse this year! I am super excited about it and the warmer weather plants that I get to try!

The green thing next to it was going to be the green house before I found the fame. I got it for free off Craigslist last summer. There's a hammock that goes inside and last year we tried some grapes in there but I don't think they made it through the winter. Now we will probably put some sort of a mesh over the top and buy some Arctic Kiwi. We have some in the front yard and it's a struggle to keep it at a manageable height. That makes it perfect for making a nice shady spot.

Oh yeah, and the thing in front of it is the rabbit cage but that's a whole other post! It's moving as soon as the snow melts in it's permanent location.

I've already got a ton of stuff growing in the garage. There are over 100 little tomato seedlings alone! I really want to do a lot of canning, dehydrating, and cooking with them this summer. I can't wait to see all the different colored heirloom ones I bought!

Another thing I'm pretty excited about are these Black Eyed Susan Vines. They are growing so fast! I don't usually pull off the lush hanging basket look but these beauties are giving me hope!

Mostly the only outdoor plants in stores right now are in seed and root form. So when I spotted green my overly anxious self HAD to have these hybrid tea roses! I've never grown roses before. Last year, I bought my mom white roses (her favorite) for Mothers Day and they were SO fragrant and beautiful that they made me jealous. So wish me luck!

How about where you are? Is the snow holding you back or are you charging full green thumbs ahead?

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