A No Dime Christmas Party

Wednesday night we went to a Christmas party and the girls got to sit on Grandpa's Santa's lap. 

The first time around Anberlynn only stuck around long enough to get the candy cane :) It's a far cry from the year before when she wouldn't even look at Santa!

Evelyn just thought this guy was kind of weird. 

But we did manage one kind of creepy picture of both of them together. 

They had a cookie exchange which Anberlynn thoroughly enjoyed.

And Evelyn was all about the candy canes! 

I really loved that this party was a combined effort of all the people in attendance and that it wasn't a big budget party. How'd they do that? 

  My Dad  Santa wasn't paid to be there. 
Mini tables were set throughout the room to hold the cookies that each family contributed. 
There was a book exchange that had been arranged prior to the party. Each book was wrapped and labeled as to what age would be appropriate. 
We sang carols all night with accompaniment of various attendees.

No one was paid. There wasn't a big splurge on decor or food. 
It was just Christmas Spirit and the spirit or giving. 

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