Kicking Off Spring with Picasa Flowers

Picasa is a wonderful little photo editing tool made by Google. If you can't afford Photoshop and other similar programs Picasa is a great tool. 

Sometimes once in a while you get an AMAZING photo, like this one my husband took, right from the click. For every other time, which for me is just about every time, there's photo editing software.

Now, this one I am particularly because I took it with my cell phone. For a cell phone picture, I think it turned out pretty good.

Now if I add just a tiny bit of saturation and some sharpening to bring out the little hairs I get this:

It's not a mega change but enough to make it really POP!

Here's another example:

It's a really sweet picture but I think I just favor it because I really loved my fuchsias last year.

If I had Photoshop I would probably go over the edges a little and maybe blur the background some but for a free, Picasa gets the job done. I love how it played up the water droplets. Even though in the shadow of winter the second picture looks almost surreal I swear that it is a truer depiction of what color they were, I love these flowers!

I saved the biggest change for last. This is one of my all time favorite pictures from last year.I could have stopped with pulling out some of the shadows and warmifying the picture but I decided to spice things up a little with a focal black and white, a soft focus and then a warmify on top of it all. 

I love it! Now, what would I do with any of these pictures? I would probably use them as a small detail in a large gallery wall type setting. 

What about you? Do you go bold? Prefer to just leave 'em like they are? What software do you use?


  1. I enjoy Picasa as well as Photoshop. And I too like to spice them up!

  2. Love the pictures!
    I'm a picasa girl, thanks so much for your visit!