Brought to You by the Letter P

Well, it's been a while but I finally got off my duff and finished up my daffodil project. I had to buy some moss for about $1 after coupons and everything else was stuff I had on hand. 

First I dug through my toilet paper roll stash. I promise that toilet paper rolls aren't the only medium that I use but use 'em if you got 'em, right?

For the long part of the "P" I put a smaller roll inside of two paper towel rolls and hot glued it all together for some strength. 

Where the two paper towel rolls intersected I cut a semicircle into one of the rolls to make it fit snug. For the corners I just cut on a diagonal.

I went back and hot glues around all the pieces that went together. Since this will be going outside and subject the the wind and what not I wanted to make good and sure that everything would hold up. 

This was my first time I had ever used moss. It was SO messy! You kind of have to stretch it out on like that fake spiderweb stuff an then hot glue it all down. Since the rolls are a pretty natural color it won't matter much if you have a little peeking through. 

The great thing about the moss is that it's pretty forgiving. You just piece what you want on there. If you need a little fill in here or there just go ahead and paste it right where you need it.

I got out my little flowers I made earlier this week and hot glued them down too. If you missed it you can check out how to make the flowers here.

I added a little string and hung it up on a nail next to my door:) 

Now to get moving on painting that door. We hung it last fall and it's still there primed and begging for paint. I think I just want it to match the trim. Any suggestions?

I linked to Centsatinal Girl's Spring Projects Link Party. While you are there you just have to check out her idea for a DIY waterproof picnic blanket! I am totally going to make one of my own, so long as I can get the sewing machine to cooperate of course:)

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  1. This is such a great idea! You're a great photographer too! I've started following you and hope you'll follow me too! :)