Habitat for Humanity

     So yesterday was the first time that I had ever been to Habitat for Humanity. What an AWESOME place! If you haven't been Google for the location near you! 
     HFH is a resale store that sells, for rock bottom prices, all kids of house hold goods. The location I went to has a TON of doors and paint right now. I will never buy paint at retail price again!!! The best part? They say that as soon as spring hits here they will get a flood of more stuff in! As if all the cabinets, sinks, trim, molding, nails, light fixtures, calk, hinges, hardware, windows and on and on was not enough. 
    I got a cabinet door and some spray paint for a project I will show you soon and a LARGE section of wire grid stuff that I'm going to grow my peas on for $10!  The cabinet is in still-in-the-store shape, the spray paint is full and the grid stuff it BEAUTIFULLY rusted. 
     Guess where I will be after breakup. That's right. Anchorage Habitat for Humanity.

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