Tongue Depressor Tags

I made these cute little guys a few days ago when I stumbled upon the idea while making my sheet music wreath. 

I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in each end. 

Tada! Instant tag. 

I used markers to write on them and I will use twine to tie them to packages.

That's it. 

Total cost: $0

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Stick With Me Vinyls

I went to a Super Saturday a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to share with you all this AMAZING lady! 

Angela from Stick With Me Vinyls hosts make and take nights with her own self designed vinyl projects. She puts them all together and you can order them pre-made or as a kit too. 

Here's the one that I made at the Super Saturday:

I know that these are all over the place right now and everyone wants one. She brought everything! We got to choose out own paint colors, ribbon and we even had a selection of a few different colors of vinyl!

What I think is so awesome about her stuff is that they can stay out all year round! 
Check out this 4 in one holiday block:

All 4 of these is on the same block. You just rotate for the different seasons. 

Seen it before? Everyone can make a 4 in 1 block you say?
Check this out! 

One side is Frankenstein. Turn it around and Frank's bolts turn into the Pilgrim's hat! 
This falls into the category of things I just would never think of! 

And one more thing because I just can't help myself:

Interchangeable "o" for the word home! Super cute for all seasons! 

If you want to see more of her stuff check out her FB page! It's LOADED with all kinds of awesome! 

Psst! She doesn't know I wrote any of this about her but just go tell her how amazing she is! 


Sheet Music Wreath

I am totally in LOVE with this new sheet music wreath I made! 

It was super simple too! I rolled a bunch sheet music from a book I had laying around (playing the guitar is another of my long lost goals)  and hot glued them to a piece of cardboard. 

Then I cut out a circle of card board and painted it with chalkboard paint.

I took some stuff called Treasure Gold in Pewter and rubbed it on around the edges to give it a little distressed/glittery edge.

I went all out on the hanger when I hot glued a washer to the back. I used the sticky notes to propped it up while it dried so it would stick out for the nail.  

I prepped it and stuck it on the wall where I miraculously already had a nail. Love when that happens!  

Some more pretty pictures:

The fact that it is chalk board paint means I can leave it up all year round if I want! 


Total cost $0. I had everything on hand! Love when that happens too! 

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More Painfully Slow Progress On The Master Bedroom

While I was out my husband FINALLY installed....

Wait for it....


The ceiling fan!!!!!

Light on :

Light off:

My parents gave us this brand new ceiling fan over 3- count them 1, 2, 3, years ago!!!  It looks so much better than the builders grade light cover that was there before:

Ew. Back to the after:

I love how the wood ties in with the rest of the wood in the room! It also has a remote! Wahoo! One more thing: It actually lights up the whole room with the same number of lower wattage bulbs! Cha-ching! 

A few more insulators to dig out, a few curtains to sew and this baby is ready for a full blown reveal! 

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Back to Crafting: A Christmas Garland

With all the snow and negative temps I have managed to stay warm inside and snuggle up with my lights. 

I wanted just a little extra white to anchor the back of my Christmas setting on my dresser. We have like $0 right now to spend on ANYTHING let alone decor. So, what did I do? I rallied up some muslin that I had previously bought at JoAnn's (an old sheet would work well too!), I cut/ripped it into about 6 inch strips and tied it on a strand of lights. Done! 

When I'm done with my little set up here I will show you more but isn't it pretty? 

I especially like how it hangs off of the ends. 

 ( pst- I know that book isn't in English but one of my goals is to learn German! *crossing fingers that this book is actually auf Deutsche!) 

We have been setting up some other traditional decor like this advent calendar my mom made for us when we were kids! 

This is the first year I have put it out and they loved it! It was a great way to talk to them about the Christmas Story!

AND... The tree is up and has been since November 1st! 

I am not hosting Thanksgiving at my house and since I already shared my sentiments on fall decor right now I'm going full speed ahead into Christmas and winter!  I can't wait to show you the new sweater pillow covers I made! 

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