The Littles

Our little fish are pretty much mini adults now! It has been exciting to watch them grow. What I'm going to do with 80+ pleco fish I don't know but here's an up date.

Remember them from before?

This was from when they had first hatched and still has so much egg sack attached that they couldn't even swim!

And now:

Ha ha! You thought they'd be easier to see didn't you? 
These little buggers are great at camouflage!

There are about 10 of the little guys in each of the pictures above. Can you believe that? 

Here's a couple close ups:

Keep in mind that these guys are about the size of my fingernail! 

Who's the Mystery Mama?

Well, according to research, here's Dad (we call him Ike) :

Which means Mom could either be:

Rubber Nose Pleco (whom we have always called Mike but....)
*Update* 1/6/2012 Thanks to some very helpful and PATIENT people in fish forums the pleco below is actually a Bristle Nose as well!  When I bought them at the pet store they were labeled Rubber Nose and neither of them had any spikes. Yeah! MORE surprises! But it does explain a lot. 


Clown Pleco (we haven't ever named this one! Any suggestions?) 

Right now the little guys with regular coloring look like they have stripes vs. spots the general consensus is that  Clown Pleco is the Mamma! Congratulations Mamma fish! 

To be honest I didn't even think that she was old enough to breed! We got her with a few other fish and she is much smaller than my other two but, well, SURPRISE! 

And that is what is going on in the Petros Pet Diaries. To be continued.....

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