Cleaning Up

In the last week we have gotten several more inches of snow. Now this is nothing new for Alaska but between the mess that comes in off of the snow boots and my inability to find really good gloves for the girls I am chilling out inside most days. What am I doing you ask? Well, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I think there must be something about the month of October that just makes me drag my feet on cleaning and now I have plenty to catch up on! 

I would like to introduce to you Fly Lady. It is a web site that you can follow along to that has a monthly cleaning focus, detailed cleaning/organizing lists, and all kinds of things to help you get everything in order and not feel over whelmed about it.  

My mom has used Fly Lady since I can remember to get her e-mails on what to focus on each day. I never really follow along with her daily but I like to cruise the website and find some thing to do every now and then. 

So, if you need a little help getting cleaned up for the holidays check Fly Lady out!

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