Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Renew!

I have been making some BIG changes in the entry closet and now that I am putting it back together I had a few extra parts. 

One of them was the crib railing we were using as a bench back.

See it nestled in there behind all those pillows?

As you can see the bench is making a temporary home here in the playroom/craft room too. The wall above it has always been kind of tricky to work with since it is right next to a door way on the right and a closet on the left.  I wanted it to be functional but not block the door way. This space has gone through bookcases and seats and all kinds of other things but it never felt quite right. 

Enter the crib railing. 

Yep, my lovely hubby screwed it right up there for me. 
Getting it out of his garage was a big incentive.

And WHAT is it?

Tada! A magazine rack!!!

Joel put "spacers" on the back made from a baby gate that was on it's last leg.
This makes it just far enough away from the wall for magazines to fit right inside but you hardly notice them since they mostly blend in with the wood paneling. 

I like that I can see all my current reads. Maybe this way they will actually end up read instead in the dreaded basket. 

Total cost: $0

Everything was up-cycled, some of it even up-cycled from an up-cycle! 

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  1. What an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing!