Squirrel Bottom!

The other day we caught this little guy in the act of eating my neighbors evergreen. 

That's got to be a sign that Spring is here, right?

The poor little tree is going to be stunted if Mr. Squirrel keeps up his eating habits.

The girls LOVED his tail and they kept wanting to look at the pictures after her was gone, pointing to it and saying, "Squirrel Bottom!"

He caught us in the act of catching his picture and the chase was on! 

Happy Spring Mr. Squirrel! 



It seems like something is always constantly changing around here but this room has under gone quite a few changes. Let look back.

It started out a hot mess. 

Then we cleaned up and painted and it was a little bit less of a hot mess. More on that "makeover" here

Then we crammed the whole office into the closet. More on that here.I have since updated this area too so keep an eye out for more posts on that later. 

And there wasn't much going on in the room until this beauty came along.

I painted it and crammed it in there and never gave you an update on it. 
It's pretty, I decided to keep the handles, and I love it very much but I might stain the top a little darker. 

The rest of the room was STILL a hot mess!!! 

Then in desperation for organization I tried to organize everything in to boxes. To see more cringe inducing pics click here

AGHK!!!! <----- My feelings towards this room. 

It lacked function alright but, what really bothered me was that it looked like a dejected toy store. It really needed to have some functional storage that was bought for this space, not whatever happened to rotate through the rest of the house so when taxes came along.... 

I bought two of these cheap cabinets at Target. 

I placed them on either side of the dresser. 

Sorry the girls are in here too but they were watching the tv on the other wall. That should give you a better idea of how small this room really is. 

 I got these metal boards from a friend who was purging (Thanks Kris!!!) and put them to use.
They were red  when I got them so I spray painted them to look like canvas. 

Anberlynn frequently asks me to hang up a picture she's painted but they usually end up on the counter>floor>trash. :( 

Now I have to ask her to paint me another one just to fill up the boards! 

I'll show you the other side of the room once I get it finished- which may or may not take me another 3 months. :S



I have a confession- I LOVE the patters from Dwell Studio and their line for Target is no exception. Often I've thought if only they would be cheaper we could have something going. 

Enter 70%off rack at Target!!!

It WAS a table cloth, a round one. NOW it's 6 pillows!!!!

One day, I swear ONE DAY, I will take pictures of my whole living room/ kitchen area for you but today pillows is all you get, sorry. 


Spray Paint +Ping Pong Balls + Vinyl

Equals ADORABLE!!!

I know I am a little behind with this popular knock off  but I am loving it! I especially love that it was super easy and Anberlynn and I practiced her letters while we put the vinyl letters on. 


Pretending it's Spring

I had these guys sitting on my dresser just waiting for something. 

I wanted Spring and I wanted green. After going through the million things I could stuff inside them like I did here for Valentines Day. I thought about growing some cute Eastery grass but I didn't want to buy grass or sprouts. So I went out to my little grow operation in the garage and found.....

I used my Cricut and SCAL software to cut out the words, slapped 'em on there and Ta Da! 

I think  they will be super cute when they fill in a little.

The picks are from some dollar bins last year and my friend Helen gave me the little couple. Aren't they are adorable?


The Secret to Perfectly Peelable Eggs!!!

Easter is coming up and the eggs will be popular once again! How do you get eggs that peel and look like this you ask? 

I had the same question so I Googled like mad and tried the technique that sounded most plausible to me.

And it worked!

The secret: 

Fill your pot up with cold eggs.

Turn you tap on as hot as you can and fill it up. 

Put the pot on the stove and turn it up to High. 

Set the timer for 10 minutes. This should be enough for it to gradually heat to a rolling boil for a few minutes. 

When the timer goes off turn the heat off. 

Let your eggs sit in the pot on the same burner for another 10 minutes. 

As soon as your 10 minutes is up run the under cold water until your eggs are cold. 

Peel with ease and enjoy the most beautiful eggs ever!

*This technique works like a charm at my altitude, my tap water and with my stove. You may have to tweak it for your situation.*

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Take It Out, Take It Out, Remove it!

Does any one know the little song that's from? It cracks me up every time I hear it :) 

Our poor house is always collecting things. Some of it we bring in on purpose and other stuff just finds it's way here. Either way I am AWFUL at getting rid of stuff but it was time for stuff to go! 

Up first: Our collection of VHS movies. While they are nice because they are cheap and we have some of the ones you can't buy on DVD at the moment there is a reason why DVD's were so popular- because they take up SO much less space. 

I work at Blockbuster so we have been gradually buying DVD's as they go on sale and the girls now have plenty of  movies to watch that aren't on VHS. 

Also on the list of things to go was the TV with the VHS Player. We have a TV with at built in DVD player that's int he girls room. I don't feel like they need a TV in their room so it will take the place of this one in the playroom. 

Last but not least the extra chair that is always in the way.

Good buy Mr. Chair! Enjoy your new home that just happens to have a set of other chairs just like you!

And that's how it's done! A little bit at a time and a little bit more every day.

*Sigh* A little bit a breathing room! 


More From the Land of Demo

Once upon a time there were some awful dark mirror tiles in my bathroom.... not anymore!!!

Yellow. Who knew? 

Why now? What ever will replace it? What is happening? 

Bead board!!!!  Better yet FREE bead board!!! My parents got it with a cabin they bought. They decided they were going to go another way with the cabin so guess who inherited it.  *nodding with a big stupid grin and points to self with thumbs* And I've got a lot of it! 

Oh, and he got the vent screwed back in that was hanging on for dear life.


In The Land of Demo....

We have this wonky door jam that everyone sees as soon as they walk in. It's right between the front door and  the end of the hall where the bathroom is. ( I know. "The bathroom is the first thing you see when you walk in the door? Honey, you've got more problems than the door jam.") 

Looking at the front door from the bathroom. 
Looking at the bathroom from the front door. 
 The day we moved in I took down the door but the door jam remained. Until....

 Yep, my handsome hubby tore it out for me!!! 

Would ya, look at that. It used to be purple.

See ya! 

Um.... I don't know what to say about this last picture. The writing on the beam says "SMOKE." Hmmm....