My $20 Sofa Table

Ever since I saw this post on Young House Love about their super awesome home made console table they have behind their couch I have wanted one. Check theirs out! '

 I don't know why the idea to have a table behind a couch to be able to use as a place to put you drinks and what not while you are sitting at the couch never occurred to me but I wanted one now :) 

So I stalked CL- nada. Asked around- nada. Scoured my house for something that would work- nada.  Thought about having my hubby build me one- well, I didn't want to wait that long....

And then I came across this beauty @ Salvation Army. It didn't have a price tag so I set my mental price limit to $20 and guess what! When I asked how much,  the gall offered it for $20!!! Yee Ha! Now, if I had been in my right mind I probably could have bargained with her down to $15 but I was too excited to think rationally. 

It still needs to be refinished to match everything else but I am in love with those knotty little legs:) 
Lucky table, we are having a memorial day BBQ and need all of the table space we can get, so it gets to come inside before I haul it back down stair and attack it with sand paper and primer. 


  1. Love your blog! Isn't it great to find inexpensive thrift store furniture? When I lived in Yorktown I found a vanity and dresser that the person ended up giving me for $20 . . . for both!

  2. Thanks! AK weather limits garage sale season but I am super excited to get back out there again this summer!

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