I Need Some Opinions

So I whipped up some pillows this week to try to tie in my pillows a little more than they were before. 
Here they the ones I made before:

They are just solid cheap-o fabric from Walmart, and there's nothing wron with them except that even though they match my Target place mats, (which I am still having a hard time believing that I splurged and bought them!) the pillows don't coordinate with the couch at all. 

So these are my new pillow cases:

I got the fabric on sale at JoAnn's so the total to make all 4 cases was less than $8. The lighter stripes are a good match for my couch color so I think they look better than the solid ones.
(I also think they would look better ironed ;P )

The question is do I use all striped ones, like above? 

Or a mix of the striped and solids?

FYI: There are 5 pillows inserts all together,  just in case you got confused.
I have 4 striped cases and 4 solid ones in pink, orange, blue, and yellow.

Opinions WANTED!!!


  1. I really like the mix of solids and stripes.

  2. I think a mix is the way to go...otherwise it might get a bit dizzying (not a word!) with all the stripes...
    Looks great!