5 Things I Learned While Stripping

My wonderful husband pulled this big guy out of the snow between two dumpsters. It wasn't looking good. 

I looked up what it would cost to replace that handle. All together with shipping charges it was going to be something like $25 for ONE handle. *snort* Ha ha ha ha!!! He he ha!.......sorry, I'm back now.
Not going to happen.
But with all the damage this little bad boy incurred during whatever he went through I figured that it would be the perfect thing to give stripping a shot on. Here's what I learned while stripping:

#1 Wear Protection

Oy, is this stuff MESSY! That is the number one reason why there will be no in-progress photos on this one, I was too scared that I would ruin my camera.

#2 It Sucks Waking Up To Something Uglier Than You Went To Bed With

The can said I could spray it on, let it sit, and scrape it off anytime between half an hour later to 24 hours after spraying it. I sprayed it before bed thinking that it would have plenty of time to soak in and do it's magic. Hmph! It was such a pain in the butt and my6 dresser looked HORRIBLE. I was worried that it wasn't going to come off. 

#3 It Gets Easier With Practice

Once you get a technique down and you know what works in all the different corners and angles it does get a little easier.

#4 Don't Do It On The Floor

Especially on your laminate floor. We don't really care about he laminate in out garage since we don't want it in there in the first place and it's already falling apart and it's a good thing 'cause it swelled up like a Peep in the microwave.

#5 I'd Be Better If It Were Shorter

I'd rather be old school and use the sander than EVER do that again. It took me about 3 days and multiple coats to get this even close to being stripped. I don't know how other bloggers do it on a regular basis but 3 days is WAY too long for me to be working on anything.

Anyhow , This is what it looked like when I was FINALLY done.

I was not impressed. 

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  1. A timely reminder about waking up with something uglier than what you went to bed with... thank you for letting us learn without having to strip ourselves of our dignity ;)