Chalkboard Table

Some of you may remember this table from my living room and guess what? It only moved about 10 feet to the other side of my couch. 

I really like it's toy hiding properties, just not where everyone is sitting and looking at it. 

So I moved it over to the rest of the eye sores that I try to forget about, like these marks on my wall caused by a futon we had when we first got married.

And the off colored outlets that I should just force my hubby to do the whole $1/15 minute fix and be done with it already.

This is a problem all over my house. See the line? It's where the metal thingy under the paint is coming up and crackling the paint and wall texture. 

The worst part of the whole thing is that the wall doesn't stay clean. :/

So I cleaned the wall and kind of filled in the little cracks with a thick coat of paint (yeah, couldn't find the filler :( ) and then painted the whole wall with left over paint that was left to use by the previous owner.

I really wanted to add a dowel and make it into a table like this one from Land of Nod but I got to thinking about how much it was going to cost to buy the paper all the time and about how it was going to fill up my trash can too and I started thinking of alternatives.

Since the table was already raised in the middle I didn't have to tape it off or anything.  I just painted the top with chalkboard paint. That stuff is EXPENSIVE @ $10/half gallon! I had seen some in the clearance section but didn't have the money at the time but it was all gone when I went back. I already had the idea in my head though and there was no stopping me. 

The girls LOVE it. I draw little roads and homes on it for their little animals.

It's just the right height, gives them something to do, is a great teaching aid, and hides 2 laundry baskets worth of toys. Go table!

I want to cutsie up the back and make it a little more functional with some rain gutter  book shelves. Wish me luck!

I still have about 2/3 of chalkboard paint left so I guess I will survive the less than $4 table make over.

To see how this area is coming along click here.

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  1. oh my goodness what a fabulous idea girly! That is even more cute than the land of nod one! absolutely love it :)

  2. I HAVE that exact same table. I think that is a lovely idea.

  3. Did you sand or prime the top before using the chalkboard paint?