I Got A HUGE Clock!!!!

I've been crazy jealous over these huge clocks, especially since one of my good friends had one but no way I was shelling out that kind of money for a couple of sticks that ticked.  
My lack of funds patience payed out when I found one on clearance for $10, marked down form $30, at JoAnns!!! Whoot! Whoot!

However it came with these ho-hum numerals. :{ 

Walnut Hollow Big Time Clock

I really liked the look of clocks like this one from Pottery Barn. As far as I can tell they don't even sell any more but when they did it was $79! GULP! That's not including that shipping to Alaska....

So, I saved those boring numbers for later and made my own with my Cricut.

Check out his funky font goodness!!!

I used the font JDL Revelry that I downloaded when it was featured for free from check them out for all kinds of awesome fonts!

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