It's Coming Along

I have LOVED having my little chalkboard table. It is such a great thing for the kids and I to do together and it is an amazing learning tool. Eventually I would like tot have this little space all tricked out learning wise. I bought rain gutters but then the end caps I bought were the wrong ones so that is put on hold for a little bit.

My almost 3 year old is starting to be interested in the days of the week (Well, really only Sunday- when she get to wear her fancy dresses :) Such a girl!) so I would like to get some sort of magnetic/vinyl week chart where I can change out things like maybe a today sign and some weather signs in there somewhere too.  Anyone have something like that they'd like to share? 

Anyhow..... Here it is so far:

I added a vinyl quote to the wall using my Cricut with fonts that came on my computer and some from here.

I found a little chair at Salvation Army for $3.50 to give kids a place to sit.

My daughter loves having her hands and feet traced and it's a great way to help teach her words and numbers! I'm LOVING this table!

To see some other things I've used this chalk table for click here!

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