Salvation Army Mirror Make Over

I have a good friend that desperately wants a house but until she and her husband find on they can agree on she has asked me to help her with creating a few details for when they do get a new home. This is a mirror that she wanted to make to coordinate with her kitchen dreams:) 

She found this mirror @ Salvation Army for $3.50.

It had some sort of paper on it with a bamboo pattern and the mirror was scratched.

So, she got down and dirty with some sandpaper.

The back was nailed in where we couldn't get to it.

So she covered it with a cloth for safety...

and smashed the mirror with a hammer.

Then she carefully removed the shards of glass and punched out the backing.

She spray painted it oil rubbed bronze.

Then we replaced the mirror by hot gluing a new one to the back  with one from a package of 6 for $10 Walmart.

The hooks we added were From Walmart too. They came with adhesive to hang them up so we didn't need any tools.

It looked a little lonely so we tried dressing it up with some sunflowers (her favorite) but her hubs said it looked too crafty.

So we pulled out the old Cricut and put this together and it got the approval from her hubs! Yea!

Now they have a sweet little mirror and a place to hang their keys.

For those of you that are super smart: Yeah, we spelled it wrong, but  no worries, it has been remedied:) 

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