Let There Be Light

I have wanted more light in my closet office pretty much since we "finished" it. 
Is anything ever really "finished?" 
We aren't going to have money for an electrician to come install something fancy but This little pendant light I found at Target for 70% off just plugs right into the wall. 

Such a pretty little thing. It makes me happy :) 

Also, we needed to replace some light bulbs around the house anyway and I found these little guys at Lowes. 

They claim that they are an air purifier wrapped in a light bulb. Since they were the same price as other CFL bulbs I figured we could give them a run. 

So far they do actually seem to be working. The closet office is right next to the garage which was housing my husbands composting disaster. It had send out a stink! Sitting in the office with the light on and the garage door open I don't smell anything so maybe they do work?

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