Closet Office Makeover!

 After much anticipation here she is!

Just for good measure lets take a look at the before one more time.

Hard to believe it's the same space right?

I can not believe how much stuff fit into this closet! We go the file cabinet at Habitat for Humanity for $10. It's  pretty much in new condition AND it came full of files! 

It's nice to have my crafting stuff so close at hand. Before my peg board was too tall to reach everything.  We had all the stuff to make it in the garage so it was free! 

These $13 shelves from Walmart get the job done. All the accessories we had in our office before. 

I love seeing the stencil poke out here and there but not too over powering.

To top it all off a few pieces of ribbon serve as tie backs. I used some fabric I already had to make the curtains. 

There you have it. From manly turtle cave to girly office in a closet.

Cost Break Down:

Desk $25
File Cabinet $10
Stools 50 cents
Shelves $39
Paint and stencil: $5
Ribbon $1

Total: $80. 

For me this was a pretty expensive project but I'll tell you my secret- I sold the desk we had for $80. Making this project virtually free!!! 

To see some of the process click here!
To see how we reused the turtle tank stand click here! 

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  1. Hi! This is very cool! I love it! Thanks for sharing this at the Crazy Cute party @ Between U & Me! Don't forget to come back and enter for a chance to win the giveaway! :D

  2. wow i love this, the peg board is a really great idea!


  3. Love the space!! I just did something like this to a closet in my house...wish I would of thought of the peg boards!! Great job! Your newest follower!!

  4. Great Idea! I did a similar in closet re-purpose. Mine was a craft room.

    I became a follower to keep up on your other great ideas!

    If you get a chance sometime, you'll have to stop by.


  5. What else is there to say but, awesome! Very true! The work you did in that space is just unbelievable and you transformed it perfectly!

    1. Thanks! I really love working in here everyday!