Closet Office Sneak Peeks

 I know you all are waiting for this but it's still not done yet :) Apparently a cloest office is not a week long thing when you have 2 kids, an uncooperative computer and an almost full time job. :( 

Anywho.... Here's a reminder of what it looked like after it was turtle-free :

I got 2 gallons of white paint at Habitat For Humanity and SURPRISE! The white that is all over my house is more like a greenish white. The true white makes ALL the difference in this tiny space, especially since it doesn't have it's own lighting.

You all already got a peek at the stencil. It totally makes the space!

My desk actually only has 1 leg. The rest is screwed into the wall itself. It's a sturdy little thing. My husband spent over an hour on top of it with out so much as a wiggle. 

We have the shelves installed- yippee! Guess how much that full size file cabinet in great condition was. $10!!! Habitat for Humanity is AWESOME!

The hubs put trim all the way around the desk using liquid nails (I accidentally bought him a 5th caulking gun! I keep forgetting he has one :S  Guess what we will be returning.) Now I don't have to worry about tiny little crafting stuff getting stuck between the wall and the desk.

Well, that's all for now guys. Right now I'm just finishing up filling the shelves, taming computer cords, and finishing up the curtains so it shouldn't be too much longer until I am fully moved in and ready to share!