Insulator Display

I know it is taking me FOREVER to get this master bedroom done but with everything else  going on it tends to get put on the back burner. 

Remember my tape holder I go way back here?
And that I pulled out the extra shelves here?

Well, It finally made it's way up onto the wall. Oh boy! I had my hubby put it up for me. I don't know exactly how he put it up but I do know that it's not coming down anytime soon. That's good since Alaska is prone to earthquakes but bad if you are the kind of person who likes to change stuff around all the time. *raising hand*


Any way... I had to do this project while it hung on the wall. My table? The 100 year old trunk. 
NOT recommended.
I was very careful and nothing happened but 100 year old trunks should not be used as craft tables. 

If using your 100 year old trunk isn't enough for you, use your brand new comforter as a second table. 
Also NOT recommended, but you use what ya got.

I tore up an atlas that was on it's last limb and used a mixture of glue and water to adhere the pages to the back. 

After I was done I popped the shelves back in and let it dry.

Then I let my husband stock it with his eagle feather and insulator collection. 

The chippy wood, the map background, the old insulators, the natural feathers....I love it together. 

Know who loves it more? My husband. This is his one and only display of his collections. We will be pulling out some of his larger insulators to use around the room.

Cost: $ .67- I had to buy glue

What the heck is an insulator? Click here.

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  1. I like I like I like!!! A lot! It won't hold all the insulators we have though. They are on the front porch, in the living room in the garden, in bucket in the basement and the latest place for them is in a tub in the kitchen. Please stop by and read this post if you have time to see our latest collection of insulators. I definitely didn't have to read your what is an insulator, but I think I will just to see what else I can learn. Thanks for sharing!! I hope you will stop by, and your project turned out GREAT!

  2. I think this is fabulous! I really love it. Where do ya'll get the insulators. I want to go find them but someone told me that most are found and the rest remain the tops of poles, not very easy to get. Thanks for sharing

  3. Mary, You can find insulators in all kinds of antique stores, Google them, find them on sites like Etsy or even Craigslist. Cheap ones are pretty easy to come by. I would consider them a fairly popular item right now and that makes them easy to find in just about any shape, size or color you are looking for.

  4. So people actually like and want those old insulators?! I thought my husband was crazy for always bringing those old chunks home. Glad to hear he's not alone. :)
    Love the look. I should seriously do something like that to get rid mean...display some of my husband's junk.