The Waiting Game

 During this closet transformation I have had LOTS of time to wait. Paint drying, calk drying, stencils drying, desk being built, shelves being installed......and the list goes on. So in the mean time I got busy with some other projects. 

I found this inspiration on Pinterest and took a picture with my phone so I could bring it with me. 

I tried to find the source for this but Pinterest led in circles. I this is your  work please let me know and I would LOVE credit you :) 
 I grabbed a sheet of ply wood and made my own huge sign for the bedroom. The back looks yellowish but I promise it's white.

Since I had everything on hand this whole project was FREE! I always love that!

Remember this from WAY back?

Well I finally got around to removing some of the shelve so we can use it to show off some of my husbands insulator collection. The plan is to mod podge the back with maps from an atlas that we have that's been falling apart.

I found these curtains at Lowes and instantly fell in love. I REALLY like polka dots! I bought 3 of them. 

2 I used for make curtains. 

With the left overs I made a bookshelf that goes on a curtain rod. Does that make any since? I will get pictures when it is put in, right now something else is in it's space.

Do you remember this? This is the closet that I am turning into an office but what I want you to see is the wood stand under the turtle tank. 

I flipped it over and found out that it was hollow. I bought two hinges on sale for 50 cents and had the hubby attach a piece of ply wood we have had sitting around to the top.  I bought foam with a 50% off coupon (that stuff is still too expensive!) and used my last curtain to upholster it! Tada! HUGE toy storage!

I also used soem spare pieces to make hanging bags for the bunk bed. I recycled the ribbons that were around the girls windows before to make the ties. I love being able to read books without struggling with the girls to put them away as we read them. Now, they just go into the pockets!

Speaking of foam, I found myself a free source! It only comes in the summer time and it will only make small projects but check it out:

That's right. Insulated shipping bags. My Scentsy stuff comes int hem so that it doesn't melt. I had to cut the top off of one because it was taped shut and found FOAM!!! This was an ugly brown chair the hubs brought home a while back. I painted it white and used the foam to upholster the seat.

Super cute right? Well, it was supposed to go with my desk in my closet office but it's too short!!! :( So for now it has no home. 

Of course the old stand by for a waiting period is to doodle. 

And if doodling isn't fulfilling enough go shopping!!! 

This table we got from my mother in law. 
There was nothing wrong with it but it was pretty dark for this little space, the legs prevented any extra adults from comfortably fitting around it and the girls kept hitting their heads on the corners. 

I now introduce to you my $25 Craigslist table. 

The two center sections fold into the table to make it smaller and we could all fit around it then too but I like to bring the food to the table.  Plus the pedestal base makes it possible to actually fit more than just the 4 of us  when we need it. 

PS ignore the towel under the dishwasher and know that you should never try to clean your dishwasher with Ajax ;) 

Well, that's all the things that I ahve been doing while waiting for the paint to dry :)  What do you do?


  1. you are a busy woman creating so many things. I LOVE that you try to reuse so much. I do too but have been lazy in the crafting area as of late. I really love your doodling/ sketching! You are talented no doubt.

  2. Thanks Mary! I am always excited to see your comments! Thanks for keeping up :)