Reinventing The Closet Round 1

In spirit of my first new years goal I am going through the closet and weeding out the crap! 

The first step was to take it ALL out of the closet. Holy BANANAS!!! 

I don't consider myself much of a clothes person. Some of this is from before I had kids!! That's 8 years and I'm not telling how many sizes ago. I've cleaned out before but obviously things were falling through the cracks. 

Just in case you needed another angle on that. My pile of clothes take up my ENTIRE queen size bed. No one needs that much. 

I sorted it out into groups and this is what I ended up with: 

Group 1: Stuff my Mom would probably fit and like (1 bag)
Group 2: TRASH (1 bag )
Group 3: Donate (2 bags)

What I had left was 2 baskets of  *possible* keep items. Seriously. 4 trash bags of stuff to get rid of and only 2 baskets to keep. I'd say this was long over due. 

Here is where I had to stop for the day. My children claimed that they needed food of some sort. I'm going to wash ALL the clothes tonight and then the fun part begins :) 

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