A Few New Favorites

We MOVED!!!! Holy smokes I can't believe it's actually real! We have a new house with so much more room. We have been so busy decorating, building barns, fencing, and pens that I haven't had time to stop for pictures but soon!

For now, I just want to share with you a few new things I've found that I really love. 
First up is a company just getting off their feet called Rumala and Co.  Clicking on their name will take you to their Facebook page where they will be announcing all their new products. Here is the calendar I bought from them through Amazon. It's huge and beautiful and I love it so much that I bought their smaller one to keep on my fridge upstairs!!! 

I'm still working on this little command center but I love the direction it's taking. The girls have their chore chart here and the baskets hold their assignments for the day. 

Next up is Grammarly.  It's a little add-on for Chrome (and maybe other browsers too, but Chrome is what I use) and it corrects not just spelling but grammar too!! 

It just shows up next to your search bar as this little green circle and corrects you as you go. Maybe you're a grammar police but I'm not and this definitely improves my typing. I'm not going to tell how many times it's corrected me here, lol.  

And you may have noticed that little camel up there too. That's for a site called Camel, Camel, Camel. 

You add your Amazon Wishlist to it and it watches the prices for you. When the price dips below what you are looking for it e-mails you an alert! I have bought 2 books I have had my eye on for a while now. Both of them are usually about $60 and I got them for under $10 gently used! 

Anywho. Those are my fun finds recently. I hope to have my house cleaned up enough soon to be able to start sharing some rooms with you soon. For now, we are still battling post-move clean up and trying to get everything locked down for the winter. So in the meantime tell me what you've discovered that you are excited about!