A Yellow Entry

I'll start you out with just a peek before we get into all the details. 

Isn't this mirror swoon worthy? 
I am in LOVE. 
*wipes drool from face*

OK, I'm back now. 
 First of all lets recap where I started. 

It wasn't pretty. Or functional really. You just kind of shoved what you could in there and took what you got. We didn't need the storage right here because right across the hall is a walk in closet. 

So I took it all out and started fresh. You can read about that process here. I tried to use as much as I could with what I had. It was fun and spunky. 

Later I got schmancy and gave a $6 light from the habitat store a face lift. You can read about that here. It reminded me of a Restoration Hardware piece and I love the light it casts on the wall. 

I really loved the light but the greens and pinks in the room were a little too spunky, even for me. I do love to be unpredictable but it felt teenage-ish to me and I would like to have a more adult version of myself reflected in my home. 

We all know I have a secret desire to paint all the wood in my house white (more on that here) and how I got a bunch of free beadboard from my parents (I stained some here too) so in keeping with "Plan A" I used both wood tones AND white! Combine that with my recent crush on Yellow and you get....

BAM! I got super cheap crates at Target (less than $3 ea) and used my Cricut to monogram one for each of my family members. 

 The bench my hubby built in for me. For support he used scrap pieces of wood and I painted it to make it all blend in. I think the bench board was $16 from Lowes. It took the stain so well and coordinates the entry with the surrounding trim so perfectly that I can't bring myself to cover it up with a cushion. 

The mirror I am so in love with I got for $40 (WAY more that I have EVER spent on something so frivolous) at Burlington. Who knew the "Coat Factory" was a great place to find amazing mirrors? 

The pillows are from Target too- you can find them for a little less than $12 for 2 pillows in the napkin isle ;) 

One more before:

And after: 

Things I love about it:

It has nice clean lines and simple, changeable patterns. 
The white bead board- need I say more?
The labeled baskets make putting away shoes super easy for my 2 and 4 year old. 
The dark wood against the white bead board just warms it all up and pulls it together. 
I craigslisted the previous bench, re purposed the white organizer and crib railing and used the frames in another part of the house so nothing from before was tossed out in vain. 
It is still a little spunky but more adult. Mission accomplished!

While this is definitely NOT my most thrifty project I did save up for it and work on it over a few months as the $ came in. I think the changes add a nice value and character to my home that was well worth the price.