In My Pretty Garden...

...the green stuff is growing!!

There's not much prettier than bleeding hearts against an old wood fence.

They are just getting warmed up! 

We have actually harvested some rhubarb already to make some of my delicious rhubarb coffee cake!  

The tire garden is full of edible things. It's just getting going too but I have already been sneaking a lettuce or mint leaf here and there. 

There is one really bad eye sore. We found out the hard way that chickens REALLY LOVE raspberry leaves. Chicken wire will be going up this week but in the mean time some left over baby gates have to hold off the little peckers. 

I am trying a new weed defense this year. This is my strawberry garden. I am using the leaves from the rhubarb I picked for weed control. Think it will work? 

More rhubarb! 

It's almost bigger than the gooseberry bushes next to it! 

And the thing I am most excited about? This is our first year with these lilacs I got from a friend last year. I wasn't sure how they would do with transplant shock and the winter that came right after but they are BLOOMING!!! 

I can't wait to smell the fragrance as a walk around our property! 

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