I feel like life has all of a sudden been put in fast forward around here!!! 
There is SO much going on that I just can not seem to find the time to sit down and edit photos for a post but here's a bit of what we are up to: 

First, I found that massive bed for the girls on CL. It took 3 days to put it together between taking care of the girls and my work schedule. That meant that it was taking up the WHOLE living room and most of the dining area. So even after I had gotten the bed back together the whole house was a mess. There are a few related projects I have been working on that I'll show you as soon as I get it all cleaned up. 

Then, even thought the girls had been sleeping on the same bed for like 6 months despite having bunk beds they WOULD NOT let each other sleep. So we had to move Anberlynn to the craft/playroom. That meant that it needed purged of anything unsafe for a 4 year old which meant moving large pieces of furniture to other rooms in the house. 

THEN, we got approved for a weatherization program and they needed to be able to check all the vents and windows in the house and THAT meant moving a bunch of stuff around and Craigslisting a few pieces too. The hardest part was the fish tank. OY! Somethings are all over the place like the girls closet. The clothes are all over the room while they use the closet for attic access to add insulation and work on duct work. There is ongoing work (Done by next Monday!) that is keeping me home and slowing down my DIY plans- not that I'm not SUPER grateful that we are getting everything done for *FREE* thanks to state and federal grants! Wahoo! 

While I was out yardsaling with my mom I managed to find a vanity that will fit perfectly in the downstairs bathroom for $20. It came with a sink that has a crack in it but I already have the other one from the Habitat for Humanity Resale Store. It's patiently waiting it's turn in the garage. 

Then I was helping a friend with a mural at her house and in return they offered to buy the supplies for a chicken coop!!! So we have been building that in our spare time too. 

In just 2 weeks I leave for a Scentsy Convention in Vegas. I had a room mate but due to an accident she won't be coming. I am trying to wrap my head around how exactly I am going to pay for things now and what is going to be put on hold for a little bit. 

Oh, and somewhere in there we had Anberlynn's 4th birthday, I redid the entryway, and I painted a Tangled themed mural in Evelyn's room. Yesterday I got the dates for my husbands training for work in August!

Ya, we know how to cram it in there. 

Pics coming soon though, promise. 

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