Winner Creek

Winner Creek is one of my favorite hikes. I consider this my first date with my husband and every time we go it brings back so many memories.

The hike starts at the Alyeska Resort. This fire pit out front is super awesome! Can I have one please? 

 We have started hiking with a group every Sunday and here is the infamous Megan Moody and I. 
She'll get hte shot even if it mean using her Iphone! LOL. 

One of my husband's quirks is his love for mushrooms! He loves photographing and sometimes eating them. 

My favorite part is the water. Especially the waterfalls! 

 You get to pass right over one on a bridge and if you are careful you can walk right down to it too.

Joel likes to take photos of the burls too. This one is an interesting color. 

Usually just after this they have a hand tram too that takes you to an old gold mining town, but the tram is down until they can fix it. 

The Forrest Fair was going on while we were there too, which was also part of our first date! 
Fun fact: The hike and the Forrest Fair were our first date, we got married one year to the day, and this was right after out 5th year anniversary! 

When the hike was over we got to check out this cool vintage car show in the parking lot too! 

Now do you see why this is my favorite hike? It's just packed full of awesomeness! 
By the way, if you ever make it up there you HAVE to check out The Bake Shop! They have the BEST soup you've ever had! 

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