I Got a Spray Gun! Hey Hey Hey Hey!

A month or so ago I was just coming home with a friend and saw there was a yard sale down the road. I had no intention of buying anything that day but I though since it was so close I'd go have a look. It was a great yard sale with great prices on everything, in fact I am still kicking myself for not buying a bed frame that would have been perfect for Anberlynn's new room (oops! haven't blogged about that yet! Soon, I promise!) but the super storage solution we found is great too. BUT the one thing I did walk away with was this:

FOR $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a gamble though. It still had paint in it from the previous owner of the house and the people selling it had no idea if it even worked or not! I guess I was in the mood to take a gamble with my $5. 

Clean up? 

I have never used a paint sprayer before but I have used an air brush. From what I hear on the internet about paint sprayers the biggest concern is cleaning. I'll tell you right now that compared to a dual action air brush this thing is a breeze! Everything rinses right off if you do it while it's still wet. 

Easy to Use?

Like I said, I've never used on before and instructions really aren't my thing but really, the secret to any air tool is pressure and consistency.  You need the right amount of air pressure (this has a handy little knob right on the trigger!) and the right consistency of your liquid. If it's not working it's either too thick or too thin. As soon as I got the hang of what a liquid should feel like it sprays like a charm. It did come with a handy dandy chart and viscosity cup too for those not into "feeling" their paint. 


Most of the weight comes from the paint itself.  After a bit I did use two hands but more for comfort than need. I would suppose a a man, or even a woman with more arm strength would be able to hold this up no problem. 

Would I change anything? 

Well, it would be nice if the paint cup came with a lid. I've been using plastic wrap and a rubber band. It works just fine but it would have been nice if it had come with a lid.

Over all?

I've used it on several things already (more on that soon!) and I pretty much never want to go back to a roller again! 

What about you? Any adventures in paint sprayers? Any awesome yard sale finds? 

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