In My Pretty Garden

So much has been going on and my poor little tire garden is getting the short stick when it comes to attention! 

The tire front and center did have one HUGE lettuce plant in it up until this week when I pawned it off on my mom. 

The strawberries I planted from a hanging basket I bought last summer are doing awesome! Funny, the individual plants I bout from the store didn't even come back. 

That's OK though, these plants are shooing off runners like CRAZY! I am thinking of expanding the bed and  putting in stepping stones just so I'll have a way to get to them all! 

That is if I can keep my girls away from them! And speaking of things I can't keep my girls out of...

The gooseberries are growing like mad as usual! We had a bad run in with some leaf eating worms this year but they didn't like the berries so it's all good. 

The bleeding heart is doing well as always too. It really loves being up in the tires here. 

Here you can see some of the apples in the background on our less productive tree.  The TP tube is what's left of a bird feeder we made. We have a pair of blue jays that feasted on it int he mornings. 

This was the first year we have had the lilacs early enough for them to bloom. They have almost come and gone but they smelled BEAUTIFUL while they lasted! 

I am still loving my little patio makeover! My happy little potted plants make me happy. 

The foxglove is another one of those plants that I never got to bloom last year but here they are in all their glory and I am in LOVE! 

Look at those sweet little spots! 

I got 2 six-packs of these this spring. They came in various colors and a few people in line after me got back out of line so they could go hunt them down for themselves.  I can't remember what it's called but it's won me over.

An last but not least, the nasturnum. I think this is the third year it has come back, though not nearly as strong as it has in the past. It's a fun little flower to watch as it sheds it's pointy little cap to bloom. 

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