Calling All Chicken Experts!

So we have been working on our coop every spare second that we get and here is where we are right now. 

It will get there in time but until then I am keeping and eye out for signs of who might be male/ female. We live in a city and that mean there are NO ROOSTERS ALLOWED! 

At first I assumed that all the chickens that grew a comb would be a rooster and that would be the end of it but in looking at different pictures of different breeds that isn't always the case.

Also, we got them as a mixed batch and had no idea what breed they were either. I THINK I have it narrowed down to Rhode Island Reds, Golden Comets, and, as suggested by a reader earlier, one Copper Maran. 

Soooo.... any one want to play the guessing game?  Male? Female? Breed? 

My Guess: Male Golden Comet

My Guess: Male Golden Commet

My Guess: Male Rhode Island Red 

My Guess: Female Rhode Island Red

My Guess: Female Copper Maran
As eggs there were 2 yellow/white ones (the first two pics), 2 brown ones (third and fourth pics), and 1 black one (last photo).  To me that should mean that color should equal breed or at least sex, but it's looking like 3 roosters to me!

 Now, I have NO experience in these things but it's fun learning new things about all the different kinds of chickens in the mean time!  

I would LOVE to hear your opinions, guesses, experiences, and expertise! 

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  1. Now that I see the pictures of your chickens closer up, I would say that I was wrong about the black copper maran. There is too much red on the head for a maran. I don't really know what it could be, but a guess would be a black sex-link. I've seen some black sex-links with that coloring (black star maybe), but since they are hybrids there is no standard to compare them to. Again just a guess.