Making an Entrance

I HATED my entry way but I had no idea what to do with it until I came across this post from House Tweaking: Mini Mudroom.

It was like a light went off in my head, this light bulb that had never worked before sparked to life and I knew exactly what I would do! 

Here is my entry way closet before:
OY, eyesore right? (Not in reference to the cutie at the bottom corner)
So we cleared it ALL out. From the cheap-o Walmart furniture to the wanna-be shelving that the last owner "hung" in there it all had to go. That was the easy part. 

Next we patched up the holes. A bucket of spackle will go a LONG ways, aesthetically and physically.

I love color! Well, mostly I just love making a statement. This bold green was exactly what I needed to spruce up the area:

I painted an extra crib railing white for a bench back. The bench itself is two leaves from an old table! We cut one in half for the legs. 

Some home made pillows (the inserts were graciously donated by a friend of mine who was going to donate them to a thrift store)and a bench and ta-da!

Some other elements: 
Fabric from JoAnn's: on clearance at 40% off +1/2 off sale = $3.00 a yard. 
Batting was the most expensive at something like $4.00 a yard on sale
The frames were $7.00 each from Walmart
Fabric for the pillows came in a package I only used 1/2 of. Whole package from Walmart $12.00
Cute paper flowers were $1.00 each from Michael's
The two shoe racks are from before. 
Closet Shelf (You can just see it peaking out at the top left corner) $12.00 from Walmart.
Paint left over from a previous project so, FREE!!!
Bench is 2 leaves from an old table, one cut in half, FREE again!
Bench back made form an extra crib railing (from a free crib off Craigslist) FREE!
Pillow forms given to me by a friend: FREE!!!

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