A Splurge

I really love to get anything and everything for free to super cheap but every once in a while you just have to splurge a little. My Cricut was a huge splurge! I did get it on a really great sale but at $80 it was still quite a lot for me. Here was my reasoning; I spend money like mad on alphabet stickers for scrapbooking, I LOVE vinyl decals but there is NO way I'm shelling out $$$ for something so cheap and easy to make myself and I can use it at home, work, for church...pretty much in everything I do. So it was. I talked myself into it and ran it by the hubs and now I have a Cricut. I've gotten plenty of use out of it too. 
$1Tub+ Vinyl= Branded Tub

$.50 Container + Vinyl = Sweet Little Crayon Box

Walmart Containers $3 ea? + Vinyl= Super cute + Functional

This is one of my favorites! I used Picasa 3 (Free photo editing software by Google) to make my pictures black and white, letting the pink show through. With a little white paper, a glue stick and my Cricut this page was a snap!

This is a perfect example of why I should have a Cricut. We are looking at 4 E's, 3 M's, and 4 R's.  In some cases buying stickers for that many multiple letters could be quite costly.  

Since I got my Cricut my boundaries have seemed limitless. In addition to all of the above I have made promotional signs for work, numerous other scrapbook pages, labeled just about anything I've cared to, added quotes to my walls and the list goes on!!! I'm sure you will see quite a few of these things pop up as I go along :) 
The FREE option: Borrow one from a friend!  Also, some craft stores have rooms they used for classes that are open to the public when not in use that have all kinds of craft tools and machines. 

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