We all have those days!

     Everyone has "those days" but this week it felt like everyday was one of "those days." Though this story is not in exact chronological order believe me when I say it is much easier to read this way.
     First, my lovely 2yo got a hold of the petroleum jelly. It was all over everything form her head to her toes, not to mention the bedding, the white carpet, the toys, just everything!
     While we were still recovering she managed to get a hold of a JUMBO black permanent marker. Oh, the joy. She had her room to herself for a few hours while she was supposed to be napping. The furniture was a breeze. Mr. Clean, your Magic Eraser is my hero. The carpets and the walls didn't fair so well. Repainting was necessary. In short my one coat paint was actually three coat paint, I thought I had a great idea, put a lot of time into it, it was a BUST!!!
     In between coats of paint I turned on the wrong burner and BOOM! My Pyrex pan is no more. While dealing with the shock of having stood less then 2 feet a way from a glass bomb I started sweeping. And here's where it really gets going. Though I'm sure you've heard of the wonderful glass explodes if it contracts/expands too fast stories I bet they never told you that if you don't get your rear end in gear and pick it up with lightning like speed it will melt your laminate flooring. Yeah, I'd never heard that either but I'm telling you now that it's true.
     Great. New paint on the walls, still haven't figured out how to get permanent marker or petroleum jelly completely out of the white carpet, and now we need new flooring for the kitchen. Joy. A this point I thought the one thing you should NEVER think aloud. "It can't get any worse, right?" The answer rang loud and clear as if it were timed when I looked to my left as I was sweeping up glass shards. The freezer drain had clogged and was now flooding my kitchen. Ya, seriously.
     It's not over yet! The hubs brings me a $1,500 medical bill for a consultation visit. The lovely people over in the billing department didn't code the visit right so we all know how many calls that is going to warrant. Throw in a last minute call from a lady in church asking if I will teach her class of 4 year olds and you've got my weekend. So, other than actually painting the room, which because of the three coat thing still isn't finished, NOTHING crafty or other wise was actually achieved this weekend.
  Chin up. Breath deep. Deal.

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