An office make over on a $0 budget? It can be done!

This is my office. This is my kids's play room. This is my scrapbooking station. This is my crafting room. This is my painting room. This is drawing room. This room is everything BUT organized!

Lets just review what you've seen.
Ran out of paint during a long forgotten scheme.
Art from High School is all over the walls.
Hubby made me a peg board. It's scratched and dinged from whatever it encountered before he found it.
Scrapbooking stuff is everywhere.
Kids toys are all over the floor, the table, the everything!
The window seal has too much junk in for the blinds to hand straight.
Left over art project stuff from Hubby's Scouts.
Wrapping stuff that didn't all make it back to it's home.
The 3 boxes of stuff I have put off for forever sitting under the table.

Something has got to change!!

Step one: The paint! I had a whole gallon of this lying around. Time for it to go to use!

Step two: Some design! I did this free hand but there are sites where you can pick out templates that are similar or you could use a projector. The white paint was just waiting to be used as it sat in my garage! Boy did we put it to work!

Step three: Some storage! A MUCH needed addition.

Oops! The brackets are too big for the shelves!
The solution:

We bent the brackets up so we can use them for hooks! Works perfect for a home made paper towel dispenser. 

Step five: A space for the girls. I scored the table free on Craigslist!

An over all view. Ahh... I can breath! Some general cleaning and putting away later and It looks GREAT! I toyed with the idea of covering my table but with all the careless painting, gluing, and cutting it's not worth the cover.

 I love that the girls have a little table of their own to do their thing on.  The best part about it was that it was free!!!  Shortly after starting this project a post went up on craigslist with a variety of things. Normally I don't go unless there's something I want but the paint was drying, the dogs needed a walk, it was less than a block away so why not right? 1 plywood table + a coat of paint= perfect!
 I found all kinds of plastic and glass containers around the house which were perfect for the shelves! Now that I can see my things I can use my things!
 I hardly even recognize my closet! Hello gorgeous!!!

Lets get one good before and after in here:

Like all projects this will continue to evolve over time. A little up date here, a little splurge there but for now, with what we have what a great starting point!

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