A Less then $10 Dishwasher Miracle

I was convinced that my dishwasher had given up the ghost. The water was just swishing around in there and not getting anything clean. I had stated looking at new ones and I knew I couldn't afford even the $200 ones with the holidays and heating bills coming up. 

While we were at the hardware store the lady asked if we needed help fining anything else and my husband said jokingly, "Well, if you have a cure for our dishwasher we'll take that." 
She asked what was wrong and when we told her she didn't even blink an eye when she told us to use CLR

She said that the water up here is so hard that it ruins dishwashers all the time.

So we gave it a shot. It even had directions on the back specifically FOR DISHWASHERS!!!! 

From the back of the container:
"Poor 1/2 cup to an empty device, and run cycle; run additional cycle to rinse"

Guess what. IT WORKED!!!!!!

My dishwasher is running good as new now!!!! WOOT!! 

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