Kicking Off Organizing with Calendars

January is a great time to buy calendars and organizing supplies because they are all on sale. 

I snagged this little weekly calendar to keep behind me at my closet office for $3 at Target. It will be mostly just for me to keep track of Scentsy stuff, play dates, and other things my husband isn't really involved in. It looks bigger in real life and I think I will like having it so close. I especially love that it actually has a little clip for the marker, big boxes for the days and magnets + cork just in case. 

For my magnetic dry erase board / cork board I cut out a few strips of vinyl to separate the days. I picked up the magnetic days at Target for $1.50. This calendar is more for just my husband. I write down when I work so he knows when he needs to be home, reminders about things I need him to do, and family activities that involve him. 

Having two separate calendars assures that if there is something on his calendar it is meant for Joel to see it. Not that he can't see my calendar or that I am keeping anything from him but this way there is nothing to distract him from the fact that he needs to be home by 5 for me to leave for work. 
If it's on here, her needs to read it. 

As you can see I haven't bought a paper calendar and we might just see how that goes. Maybe I will keep a longer term calendar on the computer. The idea of going paperless makes me smile. 

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