House Shopping

Ha! Got your attention didn't I? NO, I am not talking about the pack up all your stuff and move type house shopping but the find things around your house to use elsewhere type house shopping. What a great place to find "new" stuff!

Here's where I found my "new" treasure.

Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed the mini coat hanger you'd be right.
My husbands father made this for him and his brother when they were younger. He was really good with his hands and made all kinds of things. I never met him but there amazing pieces of his handy work everywhere you look. 

Since this is such a meaningful piece to our family I decided not to paint it. Plus, as old as it is there is nothing wrong with the finish or anything else. 

Here it is in it's new room where it will be used my more appropriate sized people. 

My girls love hats! I am glad that this family piece will now be used as it was intended, not just cooped up in a corner on the stairs like an artifact.

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  1. I need to come visit your cute house an be inspired in person by all your great ideas. Can I invite myself? I'll bring dinner. :)