Take It Out, Take It Out, Remove it!

Does any one know the little song that's from? It cracks me up every time I hear it :) 

Our poor house is always collecting things. Some of it we bring in on purpose and other stuff just finds it's way here. Either way I am AWFUL at getting rid of stuff but it was time for stuff to go! 

Up first: Our collection of VHS movies. While they are nice because they are cheap and we have some of the ones you can't buy on DVD at the moment there is a reason why DVD's were so popular- because they take up SO much less space. 

I work at Blockbuster so we have been gradually buying DVD's as they go on sale and the girls now have plenty of  movies to watch that aren't on VHS. 

Also on the list of things to go was the TV with the VHS Player. We have a TV with at built in DVD player that's int he girls room. I don't feel like they need a TV in their room so it will take the place of this one in the playroom. 

Last but not least the extra chair that is always in the way.

Good buy Mr. Chair! Enjoy your new home that just happens to have a set of other chairs just like you!

And that's how it's done! A little bit at a time and a little bit more every day.

*Sigh* A little bit a breathing room! 


  1. How did you get rid of the VHS tapes? Been thinking of getting rid of mine, but don't know if there is a market for them still to sell them to!

    1. LOL, my mom took them. I gave away the TV with built in VHS player though so somebody must be using them!