It seems like something is always constantly changing around here but this room has under gone quite a few changes. Let look back.

It started out a hot mess. 

Then we cleaned up and painted and it was a little bit less of a hot mess. More on that "makeover" here

Then we crammed the whole office into the closet. More on that here.I have since updated this area too so keep an eye out for more posts on that later. 

And there wasn't much going on in the room until this beauty came along.

I painted it and crammed it in there and never gave you an update on it. 
It's pretty, I decided to keep the handles, and I love it very much but I might stain the top a little darker. 

The rest of the room was STILL a hot mess!!! 

Then in desperation for organization I tried to organize everything in to boxes. To see more cringe inducing pics click here

AGHK!!!! <----- My feelings towards this room. 

It lacked function alright but, what really bothered me was that it looked like a dejected toy store. It really needed to have some functional storage that was bought for this space, not whatever happened to rotate through the rest of the house so when taxes came along.... 

I bought two of these cheap cabinets at Target. 

I placed them on either side of the dresser. 

Sorry the girls are in here too but they were watching the tv on the other wall. That should give you a better idea of how small this room really is. 

 I got these metal boards from a friend who was purging (Thanks Kris!!!) and put them to use.
They were red  when I got them so I spray painted them to look like canvas. 

Anberlynn frequently asks me to hang up a picture she's painted but they usually end up on the counter>floor>trash. :( 

Now I have to ask her to paint me another one just to fill up the boards! 

I'll show you the other side of the room once I get it finished- which may or may not take me another 3 months. :S

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