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If you haven't gotten on the trend of deal sites like Groupon you are missing out! 
Spring is in the air and planting is soon to come. 
When I saw a Groupon for $15 for $30 to our local nursery I wanted to snatch it up right away!

But see that $5 discount on the right under Purchase History? 
(you might have to click on it to enlarge) 

That's thanks to this little guy:

You click on him to go to a wheel you can spin to get discounts on your Groupons and gain access to even more deals! 

That made my Groupon $10 for $30 worth of plants!!! Whoot! 

And what did I get you ask?

2 Nonstop Yellow Begonias for planters.

2 Bleading Hearts to match the one I already have growing in the backyard.

....and 2 Mojito Mints! I can't wait to try out some virgin mojitos! 

We did go over the $30 by $2 and some change but that's still not bad at all. 

The official plant date for Anchorage Alaska is Memorial Day but our house is usually about 10 degrees warmer so I start sticking stuff in the ground on Mothers Day, kind of like a treat to myself. 

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