Running out of pots?

I was. 

Every year I grow LOTS of starts indoors but this year is the most I have ever done. My garden is going to be great this year! Plus I'm not going to have to spend a small fortune since I started it all from seeds or bulbs indoors. BUT more starts=more containers. I already had to go out and buy dirt for my poor little tomatoes who were touching the light. 

I managed to pot them all with containers I had on hand but then I still wanted to get my dahlias started.
And I was out of containers. 
*insert dramatic doomed music here*
I started saving soup cans but then I thought of all that rust and they were definitely NOT big enough for the huge dahlias I had bought. So I kept searching until I found.....


I have had a package of them sitting in a drawer in my kitchen for years! They were easy to label and I can plant the whole thing in the ground when it finally thaws out! Win-Win!!!

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