At a yard sale we stopped by in the middle of no where I found this garden rack for $5 I think. 
It has cute little finals and an ugly combination of mauve and gold. 

I washed it down and gave it a spray. 

This was the first time I had used my spray handle. It was amazing! No cramps or fingers covered in spray paint!

After it cured for a few days I drug it outside and dug some of the hubby's insulator collection out of the snow to decorate it with. 

It's going to look awesome with some little plants mixed in there. 
And once the shed is clear enough to open the doors we can load it up with even more insulators! 

For now check out how pretty the ones in there look:

Oh, and look who's saying hi while I was out there cleaning up. 

Indiana is pretty excited to be able to have his humans outside with him so much more now that it's warming up. 

Pretty soon that's all we'll do- just sit around eating watermelon and lazing about on the swing. 

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