My Tomatoes Have Been Struck By Cupid!

Well, it looks like it anyway.

Last summer one of Joel's yard sale finds was a bunch of arrows he was going to use with his bow. 
When he took them in to get tips the guy at the counter actually said, " You have some really expensive tomato stakes there." he explained that they don't make tips for them anymore because, as arrows, they weren't worth a anything. 
Well, just because they aren't great arrows doesn't mean that they aren't great tomato stakes!
I wonder if the guy thought I'd take him at his word? 

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Renew! 

On another note: This year Anchorage, Alaska broke the record for most snowfall. The last snow that pushed it over happened the day before Easter with big, fluffy snow flakes all day long. These tomatoes won't be going out any time soon. 

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