Our New Addition!

We got chicks!!!!

They are just a few days old right now but they grow SO fast!!! 
We are going to raise them to lay eggs. 

These two LOVE eggs! I can't wait until we can have fresh ones every day. 

We have had a great time learning about chickens and holding them. 

Anberlynn especially has a soft spot for their fluffy little bodies. 

Right now they live in a cardboard box in the garage but stay tuned to find out how we took theses boat crate pieces and turned them into a coop! *UPDATE: See the coop here

P.S. If you haven't updated your Picassa (Google's free photo editing software) lately you need to check it out!  I LOVE this cross processing filter! It's especially handy if you are into Google + because now it has a button you can click to add photos straight from the program!

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