Christmas for Free

Last Saturday I completed my Christmas shopping for my girls- and it was all FREE!!! 
Wanna see what I got?

Little Touch Leap Pad - Amazon price: $109.95
It also came with 3 books and their cartridges. 

Pop Up Tent and Tunnels (similar to the one above) Amazon price: $34.99

Mega Bloks School Bus (similar to the one above)- Amazon Price: $11.27
And the blocks to go with it too!

Fischer Price Train- Amazon Price: $24.17
Although the set I got did not have the extra blocks with it. Evelyn is in LOVE with this! 

Step 2 Wagon- Amazon Price: $39.59
But again, the blocks did not come with it. 

There are some other little books and a brand new dress for Anberlynn that I snagged as well.

So wanna know how I got all of it for free? 

I hosted a toy exchange last week!

This was the perfect time to host an exchange. It was before Black Friday and hopefully it will cut down the $ other participants are spending on their kids this year too.  I invited pretty much everyone I knew that had kids. 

Some people just brought things others brought stuff to exchange.

What a big relief to not only have the shopping done but to know that there's not going to be this huge budget squeeze coming up- especially since our budget is plumb dry! 

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