Stick With Me Vinyls

I went to a Super Saturday a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to share with you all this AMAZING lady! 

Angela from Stick With Me Vinyls hosts make and take nights with her own self designed vinyl projects. She puts them all together and you can order them pre-made or as a kit too. 

Here's the one that I made at the Super Saturday:

I know that these are all over the place right now and everyone wants one. She brought everything! We got to choose out own paint colors, ribbon and we even had a selection of a few different colors of vinyl!

What I think is so awesome about her stuff is that they can stay out all year round! 
Check out this 4 in one holiday block:

All 4 of these is on the same block. You just rotate for the different seasons. 

Seen it before? Everyone can make a 4 in 1 block you say?
Check this out! 

One side is Frankenstein. Turn it around and Frank's bolts turn into the Pilgrim's hat! 
This falls into the category of things I just would never think of! 

And one more thing because I just can't help myself:

Interchangeable "o" for the word home! Super cute for all seasons! 

If you want to see more of her stuff check out her FB page! It's LOADED with all kinds of awesome! 

Psst! She doesn't know I wrote any of this about her but just go tell her how amazing she is! 

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