The Natural Order of Things

When I shared with you this post about moving my living room around I was SO ready to just go upstairs and do it right then. The problem is the 90ish gallon fish tank. Even empty it is too heavy for me to move myself. The next available weekend I enlisted my husband to help me clean it out and move it. 

Look what we found in the process!

This is our Bristle Nose Pleco and according to my research HE is also a daddy. 

This is what he was guarding! I know this is a poor picture but these little guys (or girls) have already hatched! 
They are in their own tank now, keeping them safe from the skunk loaches and angel fish that I am sure would love to make a meal out of them. They are starting to gain some color so you can tell which ones may turn up to be albino and which ones will be normal colored. 

So what kind of pleco will they be? Pleco mutts. That's right. We have 3 different plecos in our tank and never even thought about breeding them so I guess we will find out who mommy is when they get spots like our rubber nosed pleco or stripes like the clown pleco. 

Here's to surprises! 

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